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Lily's Cream Of The Crop

Top happy strain


a.k.a Miracle Alien Cookies, Miracle Cookies


♦ THC 22%           ◊ CBG 1%

Top euphoric strain


a.k.a Gelato 42, Larry Bird, Zelato


♦THC 17%         ◊ CBD 0%

Top aroused strain

Cheetah Piss​

funky just like Cat Piss


♦THC 20%         ◊ CBG 1%

Lamb’s Bread Strain

 ♦ THC 18%           ◊ CBD 0%
The Spicy And Energizing Lamb’s Bread Strain was one of Bob Marley’s favorites. Jamaican cannabis varieties are powerhouses in the industry, but they’re even better in the summer heat. The Lamb’s Bread strain is a classic energetic strain that hits heavy and hard in a potentially uplifting and reserved way.



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CBD Products Gaining Popularity for their Health and Wellness Benefits

The growing interest in CBD-infused products is driven by their potential to provide natural relief from various ailments, including anxiety, insomnia, and inflammation.


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