Wallet as a Service: Now Any Business Can Accept Crypto Payments on Fuse

Wallet as a Service

The Fuse Wallet as a Service revolutionizes Web3 business solutions and crypto payments, empowering companies to create fully customizable on-chain wallets that deliver unparalleled customer control and security. 

Web3 opens up exciting opportunities for companies to enhance customer engagement and create immersive experiences. Retailers can personalize shopping experiences and offer on-chain loyalty programs, while social companies can build vibrant communities with creators and viewers. 

Moreover, by embracing Web3, businesses can unlock new revenue streams, drive user engagement, and facilitate seamless reward redemption across participating entities.

However, the complexity of Web3 wallets has been a significant hurdle for companies and users alike. These wallets, which store digital assets and enable transactions, have traditionally been daunting and unintuitive, hindering widespread adoption. 

Simplifying wallets is crucial to democratizing Web3 experiences and making them accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise. With WaaS, end users can explore Web3 without the burden of managing complex recovery phrases. 

Powered by Multi-Party Computation (MPC) cryptographic technology, WaaS ensures that self-custody keys remain secure even if a user’s device is compromised. Advanced automatic backup with MPC guarantees that even if an end user loses their device, their Web3 wallet key remains safe and can be securely stored.

Fuse Wallet as a Service

Fuse addresses these challenges with its Smart Wallets API, which provides Wallet as a Service, and scalable and secure wallet infrastructure APIs, allowing companies to create and deploy fully customizable on-chain wallets for their users. 

Leading companies like Bitazza, Obvious, Peepl, and Chromepay have embraced Fuse’s Wallet as a Service to onboard users into captivating Web3 experiences across payments, identity, shopping, token-gated events, and digital marketplaces. As a developer, you can access the Smart Wallets API via the Fuse Wallet SDK or refer to the Smart Wallets API reference directly.

The Fuse Smart Wallet API lets you authenticate users with their Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and create Smart Contract wallets, execute gasless transactions through the relay service, fetch balances and tokens, get transaction history, and much more.

Each wallet created through the Smart Wallets API is an upgradable Smart Contract wallet deployed on the Fuse Network. The wallet is non-custodial. Thus it has an owner in charge of the wallet. The owner controls the wallet funds and can perform other transactions by signing messages and sending them to the relayer.

With Fuse’s cutting-edge technology, businesses can seamlessly integrate Web3 and crypto payment solutions into real-world applications, providing a frictionless and secure user experience. 

Big Brands Blaze a Trail 

Starbucks introduced a digital wallet as part of its payment and loyalty program. This digital wallet lets customers purchase and earn rewards through the Starbucks app and other selected mobile wallets. In addition to payment functionality, Starbucks has incorporated blockchain technology and NFTs into its loyalty program, allowing customers to earn and purchase digital assets that unlock exclusive experiences. 

Crypto Payments

This integration of digital wallet technology, blockchain, and NFTs aims to enhance the customer experience, increase loyalty, and provide a seamless checkout process. Starbucks is not the only big brand eyeing the potential of blockchain-based digital wallets. Brands such as Walmart, Mcdonald’s, Gucci, Nike, and more are all building and testing customer wallets. 

However, these brands have deep pockets and can throw millions of dollars at beta tests. The positive for smaller businesses is that they are experimenting and will lead their customers toward a new transacting method. 

That’s where Fuse wants to help small to medium merchants and businesses that want to integrate crypto and Web3 payments into their existing applications. We understand the restrictions these smaller retailers face while appreciating that the cost of using global payment services like Visa can mean profits are constantly eroded. 

Wallet as a Service in Summary

With Web3, companies can enhance customer engagement and create immersive experiences while unlocking new revenue streams. Fuse Wallet as a Service (WaaS) offers fully customizable on-chain wallets, revolutionizing Web3 business solutions. 

The complexity of Web3 wallets has been a challenge, but WaaS simplifies the user experience and ensures security. Leading companies like Bitazza and Obvious have embraced Fuse’s WaaS, and other big brands such as Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s, Gucci, and Nike are also exploring blockchain-based digital wallets. 

Fuse aims to help small to medium-sized businesses integrate crypto and Web3 payments into their applications, providing an alternative to traditional payment services like Visa.

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