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The Alpenglow. Whistler BC


Our team was tasked with designing an efficient and long-lasting hot water system to serve the entire Alpenglow building, which consists of over 100 units. We began by removing three aging storage tanks and three direct-fired commercial gas hot water heaters.

Next, we installed two energy-efficient, Energy Star-rated IBC commercial gas boilers, along with two IBC stainless steel hot water tanks that come with a lifetime warranty. Previously, the client had to replace the tanks every 5-6 years, but our new system is designed to last much longer. We were able to significantly reduce the hot water running costs for the building, and all the work was eligible for energy efficiency rebates and incentives.

Timber ridge. Whistler BC


Our expertise in working with specialized heating and hot water systems in the UK came in handy while dealing with a complex system for this project. The client, who was German, had a very unique request.

This request was for a highly efficient heating system, which utilized air source heat pumps as the primary heat source along with wall hung radiators. The house’s unique design and the retrofitting requirement meant that the client wanted all the pipework exposed throughout the house, adding an additional layer of complexity to the project. Consequently, we had to pay attention to extreme detail at every stage of the job, from planning to execution. To fulfill the client’s request, we had to import the radiators from the UK.

Our team performed a detailed heat loss calculation and consulted with the heat pump manufacturer. It was determined that a gas boiler was necessary as a secondary/back-up heat source. This created a new challenge, as neither the heat pump nor control manufacturer had previously worked on such a hybrid system. However, we worked closely with both manufacturers to integrate the system successfully. The results were impressive – the client’s energy bills dropped by four times compared to their previous cost. The exposed pipework throughout the house was executed beautifully, and the client was ecstatic with the results.

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