Emergency Repairs

We’ll Be There When You Need Us Most

Sink blocked? We’ll get stuck in and clear the blockage and we can also offer preventative measures such as regular drain cleaning.

Frozen pipes? Contact us to defrost and clear your pipes before they burst and cause major damage to your property.
No hot water? We can come a repair or install a new hot water tank usually on the same day.

No heating? We’ve got you! Contact us for fast repairs.

We prioritize emergency jobs so if you have no heat or hot water especially in the winter, we’ll get there as fast as possible. You can trust us!

We offer fast and effective work in your property to minimize damage as quickly as possible.

Due to the nature of Whistler attracting many people from all over the world, a big proportion of property owners do not live here in Whistler. Therefore, they put their trust in us to enter their property and carry out work in their absence.

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If you are a property owner residing out of town and wish to schedule regular servicing of your hot water tank, boiler, and shower, as well as prompt resolution of minor issues that could escalate into bigger problems in the absence of someone in your home, please contact us.

Trust Us To Handle Your Plumbing
Emergencies Quickly and Efficiently.

Call Us at 604-698-8665