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50% Faster has been specializing in® and Open edX® course development for over 10 years. We can get your organization delivering award-winning online courses, 50% faster.

Design an engaging curriculum

Provide interactive learning features

Build relevant games

Grow with advanced data analysis

Are these challenges familiar?

  • You have an® or Open EdX® online course but it lacks features to engage learners
  • Your instructional design team doesn’t have the time to create the EdX® course you desire
  • You want better course aesthetics, assessments, and engagement but don’t have enough experience to make it happen, or
  • You want to create an EdX® course but find the steep learning curve too daunting
  • You’re new to EdX® and don’t know where to begin, who to work with, or what success looks like

Trusted by superb partners in the® and Open edX® space

Exceed what you thought was possible with your edX® course

edX Course Development

Video recordings with assessments aren’t enough for impactful learning experiences. Build interactive experiences that create lasting impressions.

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